Ninja Communications | Why NinjaComs?
Ninja Communications was founded by two professional communicators—Dan Agan and Joe Schreiber—who share a common passion for advancing the cause of science and the success of those who dedicate their lives to it.
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Why NinjaComs?

Why NinjaComs?  Differentiation.


Let’s face it.  There are tons of communications firms out there—from ad agencies, to PR firms and so-called communication gurus, so why choose NinjaComs?


  1. The Approach.  Lots of outfits will sell you on their ability to help you say what you want to say.  But NinjaComs tackles things differently.  First, foremost, and above all, NinjaComs experts are strategists, not just wordsmiths.  We help you communicate more effectively and more strategically by aligning what you want to say with what those essential to your success need to hear if they’re going to think or do as you intend.
  2. The Proof.  NinjaComs doesn’t just hand you a fish.  We equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully fish for yourself.  We substantiate the effectiveness of our methods, techniques, and tools with research, examples, results, and empirical evidence.
  3. The Tools.  Proprietary worksheets, companion guides, and a rich array of resource materials are built into every NinjaComs Online Learning Center and accompany every NinjaComs strategic communications workshop.
  4. The Track Record.  NinjaComs services work.  We’ve transformed thousands of professionals—including scientists, engineers, government leaders, public safety officials, researchers, business  and association executives, entrepreneurs, health care specialists, and more—into more capable, persuasive, and successful communicators, and helped entire organizations communicate more crisply, convincingly, and effectually.  Our tested methods, tools, guides, and expertise have earned a legion of converts to the “Ninja Way.”  (But don’t take just our word for it.  Click HERE to see what just a few of them have to say—and these are just for starters; we have hundreds more.)
  5. The Experience.  NinjaComs experts earned their chops communicating.  We have decades of practical, real-world experience working across the full range of communications organizations, from educational non-profits to publicly-traded corporations, ad agencies, network television, PR firms, and start-ups, as well as deep familiarity and direct experience with the full spectrum of communications platforms—from presentations to videos, pitches, social media, earned media, and advertising.  (To meet NinjaComs’ leadership, click HERE.)
  6. The Company We Keep.  Non-profits, professional associations, foundations, public safety groups, academic institutions, start-up companies, research centers, and state and federal agencies have all turned to NinjaComs for strategic communications counsel, assistance and coaching.  Why?  Maybe it’s something we say…



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